It was nice to see you!

Some of our students come for short periods of time and it is great to see them. We wish them luck in their future employment or study in other countries.

Good Luck!

We wish everyone going on to Perth College this year the best of luck!

We are quite sure you will all do well!

Miami Mohsin

Miami has completed a BA Hons in Conceptual and Contextual Art at Perth College UHI in 2019.

Her final piece ''The Greatness of Silence'' was exhibited during Scottish Refugee Week in Perth. The art, 4 pieces half life size, are currently on a tour of Scotland. For more information contact Miami on 078406367701.

ABP Employees

All ABP employees are entitled to come to lessons on a Satruday morning.

Starting in September 2019 we will be offering sessions in fishing, golfing, extreme keep fit and Judo.

 If there is something else you woud like to try, 

give Linda a ring on 07427689797

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The Greatness of Silence


Miami Mohsin's art known individually as 

Running, Delivering, Drowning and Losing, the sculptures are made of papier mache and imitate the look and feel of stone sculptures.

Coffee and Conversation


Coffee and Conversation will be held in Blend Coffee Lounge, 274 Old High Street, Perth. 7pm Thursday 25th July.

This is an opportunity to practice your English in a real life setting, so come along and have a chat!

Everybody is welcome.



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